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Graphic & Web Design

 Freelance email marketing 
Managed Or Self-Managed Bespoke Email Marketing Campaigns

In addition to my skills as a web developer and graphic designer, I also offer my services as a freelance email marketing specialist, helping clients to deliver promotional and business messages that have real IMPACT.

In this age of technology, email marketing is seen as a more direct and instant way of communicating with existing customers and prospects. As an email marketing specialist, I can take control of your email campaigns, while you sit back and reap the rewards of your investment.

The great thing about this approach to marketing is that without the need for printing and postage, your overheads are dramatically reduced, meaning that you get more ‘bang for your buck’ and a better ROI.

Your email marketing campaign can be designed like a single web page, with graphics and copy to match your brand identity. You also have the added benefit of being able to personalise your email, addressing the recipient by name for a more friendly touch.

My email marketing services

As an email marketing specialist, my work doesn’t stop at the design and content stage. Yes, I’ll give you great graphics and help you craft creative content to help you clearly communicate your message, but my email marketing services also include:

  • Self-sending or managed campaigns
  • MailChimp editable templates & campaigns
  • Campaign Monitor campaigns, templates and automated email marketing journeys
  • See how many people have opened your email
  • Monitor the click-through-rate of embedded links
  • Statistics for receipt/view dates and times
  • Send to 1000’s of clients
  • The only limit is the number of people on your database
  • Features your branding and colours

Fancy trying out my freelance email marketing skills?

I love helping businesses to reach out to their audience and I’m always happy to offer my advice and take the time to listen to your requirements. I’m based in Sheffield, but as a freelancer I can provide my services to clients anywhere in the UK – and frequently do!

So whether you’ve got a special offer you want to promote, a new product or service to shout about or anything else that you want to share, why not give me a call on 0114 3830 433 for a no-obligation chat? As a freelance email marketing specialist, I can beat big agency prices but promise no compromise on the quality you’ll receive!