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 Digital Illustratration 
If You Need A Bespoke Character Or Icon Designing, Look No Further!

I find working as a freelance digital illustrator incredibly exciting – it gives me the chance to get ultra creative and conjure up something extra special for clients who want to explore the different areas of graphic design and incorporate them into their brand identity.

Where traditional graphic design tends to focus on logos, brochures and business stationery, digital illustration takes it a step further. These skills encompass much larger concepts and visual artistry, taking a scene, a theme or a person and re-creating them in digital form.

Being a freelance digital illustrator, my clients have the benefit of knowing that they’ll only have one person working on their project and I’m always on hand for a chat – one point of contact makes life easier for everyone! Additionally, without the overheads of a massive studio and other staff, I can keep my rates very competitive too.

Why choose digital illustration?

Digital illustration gives your business the opportunity to inject even more personality and character into your corporate branding. Eye-catching illustrations can breathe some life into what may otherwise be viewed as ‘just another website’, or ‘just another marketing email’ – and it is this that will set you apart from the competition and turn you into a brand to be remembered.

My experience as a digital illustrator can be utilised for many purposes. Are your team a little camera shy? Why not publish illustrations of them on your website instead of the usual, boring photos? Do you want to include a picture of your office but in a more unique way? Send me a snapshot and I’ll convert the detail into a digital image.

From backgrounds for websites, to pictures to promote your brand, I can offer a range of different illustrative styles to help you make your business more captivating.

Flexible approach, consistent quality

My vector illustrations are entirely scalable, so they can be used on any format or promotional material of any size. I can create sketches, character-driven designs, diagrams, instruction sheets, or illustrative logos – you name it, I can do it!

If you think I’m the freelance digital illustrator for you, just give me a call on 0114 3830 433 and we can start talking about your project.