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Why you maybe SHOULDN'T have a Wordpress site built.

19 August 2017

There’s probably thousands of posts and articles extolling the virtues of Wordpress and why it’s simply the best thing you’ll ever do for your business. Unfortunately though, these articles and posts tend to be written by folk who want to sell you a Wordpress site… and they don’t always have your best interests at heart when they tell you you need one.

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6 Mistakes Freelancers Designers Make (part 1)

23 June 2017

I’ve been freelancing, both full-time and in my spare time, whilst working full time as an employee. If theres been mistakes to be made, I’ve made them… and most importantly of all, learned from them. I’ve tried to work smarter, harder and be many things to many people. You have to wear many hats as a freelancer… but don’t try to do too much or you’ll come a cropper, just as I did.

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Remix is Dead... Long Live Nikpixels

20 June 2017

Way back in 2009 I started using the Remix Creative name for my freelance activities. But times have changed. I originally set up Remix because I wanted to run an agency, I wanted to build a brand and a company which would grow from just myself to maybe having employees… one thing changed all that (well in fact three things)… children.

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