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Adobe Creative Cloud training for a local company? Hell Yeah!

Posted on: 27 July 2017

Throughout my career I’ve trained people in the software they need to use to do their jobs. I don’t have any formal training qualifications, my 20 years working with design software, both in university and in the design agencies I have worked have given me techniques and experience to train.

I have trained raw recruits to use Adobe illustrator to produce artwork quickly and accurately as well as even being able to lend a hand to seasoned pros who needed a quicker workaround for a particular job.

I was once commissioned to help a university graduate with some one-on-one training to prepare her for her upcoming internship working primarily in photoshop. It was then essential to provide her a crash course in Adobe Illustrator training when it transpired that the company actually used that program more for their work!

Meet George

My latest training adventure was a little more of a departure from the norm, as well as training in specific software I was to give design tips, help and encouragement. George is a marketing executive at a local firm called DuoCall and his job is to produce marketing material to promote the company and provide information to customers. With most of the existing marketing documentation prepared by a previous employee in photoshop the job wasn’t bringing George upto scratch with that particular software. The job was to revolutionise George’s workflow and introduce him to using other software in the Adobe Creative suite such as Illustrator and Indesign.

The Pathway

We started small, George had a basic knowledge of illustrator and we worked on a few ‘real world’ jobs showing him how to create documents much quicker and with far more editability. We used illustrator’s tools to redraw some of the DuoCall brand logos, which either existed only as bitmap image or could do with some improvement. By the end of the first session, George could redraw logos himself, accurately, quickly and prepare scalable vector graphics professionally.

We also started to prepare Indesign templates which George could easily create datasheets without having to rely on bloated and complex Photoshop documents. By the end of the second session we had learned to setup Indesign templates and George had prepared some folder artwork for press.

Developing Skills

In addition to purely technical skills we looked at giving George some more confidence to push forward his ideas. We worked on designing to the company corporate style, developing it and using it to the best advantage without being restricted by it. In between our sessions George has been using his new technical skills and creating logo ideas for a new venture the company are launching.

It’s been incredibly rewarding working with George over the last few months and seeing his skills increase at a frankly incredible rate and his creativity blossoming now he has the technical skills to visualise his ideas quickly and accurately.

Great working with you George!

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